Your business can’t run without electricity. Fortunately, Ioway Energy has the power to analyze your electricity consumption patterns, help you to assess your tolerance for risk and guide you toward products that make sense for your business. We also provide market insights and relevant information along the way. Switching energy suppliers may seem as if it’s complicated but it’s really quite simple. Your local utility continues to service your lines, check your meter and respond to emergencies. We take care of coordinating the switch with your local utility. It’s that easy.


Fixed Supply locks the supply portion of your bill for the length of your contract. This allows you to effectively manage electricity budgets with confidence. Our Fixed Supply option lets you focus on making your business better, and not worrying about your electricity rate.


Index Pricing provides a rate per kilowatt hour that floats with the local market index for the length of your contract and allows you to benefit from lower prices when the market dips. Our Index Pricing product makes riding the market simple and transparent, allowing you to focus on making your business better. All or portions of your load may be locked in during favorable market conditions.


Our Block & Index Product offers a unique combination of budget stability and purchasing flexibility. It combines the attributes of a fixed price with those of an index price contract. This strategy allows you to play an active role in managing your energy costs by executing purchases to both protect your budget, and capitalize on favorable changes in the market. This product is ideal for customers with unpredictable or variable consumption patterns. Lock in up to 100% of your load, while your remaining power supply is purchased and billed at market-based rates. This strategy provides the flexibility to wait until market conditions provide advantageous opportunities for additional fixed price purchases.